Sometimes, life is just good. Like, with this news for instance: According to EW, Amy Poehler has officially signed on to return to The Simpsons next season for another guest spot as Bart's future ex-wife, Jenda. If you don't recall, Jenda first appeared in the Season 16 episode "Future-Drama," in which Lisa and Bart take a look at their futures in Professor Frink's basement and discover that Bart was destined to be a Yale graduate with two kids, and a failed marriage to Jenda, while Lisa — having lost out on the scholarship granted to Bart to attend Yale — resigns herself to a life married to Milhouse.

The new episode featuring Poehler is said to be a sequel to "Future-Drama," titled "Days of Future Future."

In the installment, which is set 30 years from now, Jenda (Poehler) is dating a crab-like alien creature and … she’s still not getting along with Bart. "Bart is trying to get over his divorce and he does it in a bit of a Total Recall-type way," [executive producer Al Jean] says of the episode. "I won’t give away what happens, but that’s a clue."

I have no idea what that "clue" means, but as long as Amy Poehler is there, I'm good. The episode is set to air next spring on Fox.