If Your Favorite TV Shows Were Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a day in which we gather with our closest family and friends and show our appreciation for one another through feast. Or, rather, a day in which we eat, we loaf around, and we wear elastic waistbands. IT IS THE MOST GLORIOUS DAY OF ALL! There might be football and big sales to look forward to (or dread, depending on your feelings on retail chaos), but we all know the best thing about Thanksgiving is the Thanksgiving meal. Unless you're Ross Gellar, in which case the best thing about Thanksgiving is the leftover Thanksgiving sandwich. The layers, oh the delicious layers!

Each part of the Thanksgiving meal plays an important role in the full symphony of the feast. What's the turkey without gravy? But what's gravy without mashed potatoes? Thanksgiving dinner is like your Netflix queue: each item separately says something about what you're in the mood for, and when served all at once it's overwhelming, time-consuming, but so incredibly beautiful... and filling.

As the weather gets colder and we settle in to the holiday season, there will be much time for snuggies, couches, and your favorite television. Here's your official Thanksgiving television feast, from the turkey all the way to the questionable cranberry sauce. Bon appetit!

The Turkey = Friday Night Lights

The main event. The meat! So wholesome, so familiar. So inspiring. We gather around the table for you, turkey. And you're always devastated when it's over. Clear gobbles, full belly, can't lose.

Sweet Potatoe Pie = Gilmore Girls

It has extra brown sugar and is OF COURSE topped in marshmallows.

Cranberry Sauce = Girls

It's the most controversial dish on the table. You either love it or you hate it. If you hate it, you probably still try it every year in hopes of liking it... but you never really do. It's tart and wobbly. You just hate eat it anyway.

Stuffing = Bob's Burgers

It's always got a lot of personality and every family has their own spin on it. Unique, full of nuts, and impossible not to love. Also tastes delicious covered in gravy. And butts.

Gravy = Scandal

So luscious. So sinful. So decadent.

Green Bean Casserole = 30 Rock

Because Liz Lemon needs her vegetables smothered in cream and covered in deep-fried onions.

Mashed Potatoes = The Mindy Project

Brown skin, smooth (dance moves by Danny), sexy, unapologetic. It also just begs you to play with your food. Of all the Thanksgiving dishes, mashed potatoes DEFINITELY have a thing for rom coms. And if you're recently dumped, they're both great to bury yourself in. It's Mindy time. HOORAY!

Biscuits = Parks and Recreation

Biscuits are the waffles of Thanksgiving dinner.

Mac and Cheese = Game of Thrones


Roasted Brussel Sprouts = Downton Abbey

Fancy. And all over Pinterest.

Happy Thanksgiving! Dig in!

Images: fnl-forever;radiategold; girlshbo; /Tumblr,gif-weenus, welshguat; your-reaction-gifs; noyoureoutoforder;tumblr.oystermag; jupiter2; filmfuck / Tumblr