How Close Was Will Smith to Joining 'Idol'?

I'll just jump right into it: For some reason, some producers over at Fox totally thought there was a chance that Will Smith would even CONSIDER signing on to American Idol as one of the new judges alongside Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban — according to Naughty But Nice Rob, anyway. It's such an absurd thought that you kinda just wanna pat them on the head for even thinking it, but sure enough, they attempted to nab the Fresh Prince himself for the upcoming season 13.

From the gossip site:

"The new producers approached a lot of people, that said no," a source tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB.

And one of those people was apparently Will Smith, major movie star who turned down the lead role in the Oscar-winning Quentin Tarantino movie Django Unchained because he didn't feel like Django was the main character and he needed to be the lead. AI peeps seriously thought that would work out, and Will Smith would sit next to Jennifer Lopez and happily judge bad singers for like, six months of his life. OK.

"No-one wants to be a judge on a show that is dying. The only reason for a celebrity to do the show is MONEY. That is how they got J. LO back. She will sing for dictators if the price is right – so why not take Idols cash too!"

I feel like one of Ashton Kutcher's Michael Kelso "BURN" clips from That '70s Show is necessary here, so I'm just going to post that now and be done with it.