Karo Swen's Gravity-Defying Routine Shows Just Amazing and Empowering Pole Dancing Can Be

A friend of mine has taken up the art of pole dancing, and every time she uploads a video to social media, I’m absolutely in awe of how powerfully and effortlessly she dances. But if you haven’t been lucky enough to gain pole-dancing appreciation through a Facebook friend, feast your eyes on the acrobatics of French pole dancer Karo Swen.

Her Youtube video, “Artwork 1 Tha Trickaz” was posted back in May, but recently started trending this week and currently has well over 245,000 views. The video starts out with a few flickers of Swen posing around or on the pole before the actual dancing begins. One of these flickers is of her performing a vertical split ON the pole. I can barely straighten my legs out to stretch. Did I mention this is before she actually started her routine?

There’s a lot of stigma that comes with pole dancing and most of it directed at women who pole dance in the entertainment industry. Dancers such as Karo Swen are helping to remove the stigma by showing pole dancing as the empowering and physically demanding dance that it is.

How many people can support their entire body weight with one hand on a pole? Or use the pole to flip themselves upside down? Or slide down the pole and catch themselves using just their leg muscles? Yeah, didn't think so.

Karo Swen on YouTube

Image: Karo Swen/Youtube