Jason Isbell Asked to Audition For 'The Voice' Despite Already Being Really, Really Famous

You'd think that a show completely based around singing would know when a musician is already an award-winning, huge celebrity, but, turns out, that cannot be said for The Voice when it comes to Jason Isbell: According to Rolling Stone, award-winning singer Jason Isbell received a strange email from a Talent Producer at The Voice , asking him if he would be interested in auditioning or the show — despite the fact that he's already really, really famous. Isbell shared a screenshot of a portion of the email on his Twitter account, which read:

Isbell's caption on the tweet: "Excerpt from REAL email I received today from a producer on "The Voice." He's been researching online."

It's not really clear what sort of information the unnamed producer "came across" while looking into Isbell online — you'd think the fact that Isbell, as Rolling Stone points out, sold out about 120 concerts and won a ton of Americana Awards this year alone would be one of the results that came up, but oh well — but it does give some interesting insight into how even reality shows are ultra-staged these days. Not well staged, but still, staged.

Luckily, Isbell took the email in good humor, and followed up the screenshot tweet with another, more joking one:

(Though, now I hope he's not joking, because BEST. AUDITION. EVER.)