17 Texts Serial Listeners Get After Listening To Each New Episode

If you spend any time whatsoever on the Internet, welcome to the club, amirite?! Oh, wait. That's not where I wanted to go with that. Lemme give it another try: If you spend any time whatsoever on the Internet, you know people cannot stop talkin' about Serial, the This American Life true crime spinoff podcast. Whether people are tweeting reactions to the latest episode, sharing and/or combing through theories, or offering up valuable criticism of the podcast, Serial is getting a lot of attention.

If you and your friends listen to Serial, there's a solid chance you text about it with your friends. (And those texts are always tasteful, of course. I mean, hi. The podcast investigates a very real story about a very real murder. It's important keep things respectful and not be a gross jerkwad.) There's a solid chance y'all even have a group text going. There's a solid chance that there's an unspoken agreement in that group text to not say anything about the newest episode until everyone has confirmed that they've listened.

And if you and your friends do text about the podcast, there's a solid chance you have sent and/or received at least one of the following messages at some point during the podcast's run:

#1 & #2:

Without any context, that would be an alarming exchange.


I hear that.


Never disrespect the MailKhimp.


See ya.


Those payphones gotta make rent somehow.


I hear that.


I'd have to listen to each episode at least four times.


Which is it?




Typical text from someone on the East Coast to someone on the West Coast.


Deodorant is no match.


You know, my friend Lars Ulrich.

#14 & #15:

Friends don't drag friends down Reddit rabbit holes.

#16 & #17:

I. Hear. That.

Images: Kristie Rohwedder (14)