What if Batfleck Went Back to 'Good Will Hunting'?

If you're looking for Ben Affleck in all his Batfleck glory to leave your consciousness and pop-culture populated world, you're probably out of luck until sometime after the Man of Steel sequel's 2015 release. Batfleck is here to stay, most recently starring in this edited Good Will Hunting Trailer .

Edited by comedian and TBS late night host Pete Holmes and titled Good Will Batman, the video memorably features a Batman-costumed figure yelling to the Good Will Hunting cast about sandwiches. As the New York Times fictionally wrote in the trailer, "Wait, what?"

"Coming soon to the Criterion Collection," the video opens, "Good Will Hunting recut and remastered like you've never seen it before." And, well, it is indeed recut. In the humble words of Batman to Matt Damon's Will Hunting, "Your’e smarter than my really large science cave computer, Will. And that’s a lottery ticket! Ya gotta cash in!”

Affleck's Good Will Hunting co-star Minnie Driver actually tweeted a response to the video, professing her regret that she didn't make the cut for the trailer. She is conspicuously (and sadly) absent from the trailer; maybe they were just trying to fit as much Batfleck in there as possible.

It's OK, Minnie Driver; we're sad we're not in it, too.