What it Would Look Like if Christopher Nolan Directed ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ (Spoiler: It Involves Michael Caine And It's Flawless)—VIDEO

Cool Thing That Happened On The Internet Alert: A trailer for one of Robin Williams’ most well-known and beloved movies, Mrs. Doubtfire , has gotten a Christopher Nolan makeover. Don’t worry—everything we know and love and cherish about Williams’ role as the fraudulent, loveable, Scottish nanny is still there. It’s just, uh, more intense. With much pathos, Michael Caine (who plays the wonderfully loyal Alfred in the Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy) narrates the Mrs. Doubtfire trailer, saying, “Every magic trick consist of three parts…or acts...,” while the most heart-wrenching, hilarious, oh-my-god-my-heart-is-exploding scenes from the movie play. Caine’s ever-philosophical narration symbolizes the rise and fall of our "anti-hero", which is this case, is Williams' Daniel Hillard.

And it actually kind of really works. Director Christopher Nolan, who is known for his melodramatic, epic action movies such as Inception, Momento, and most recently, Interstellar, knows how to make a ridiculously gripping movie. Furthermore, Nolan has been celebrated for taking a basic premise (i.e. "Rich dude works out a lot and decides to become a vigilante dressed as a bat,” or “Guy really likes space and stuff, goes on space journey to save planet earth”) and transforming it into something more complicated and cerebral than it needs to be (I mean in like, the best way possible, usually). Which is precisely what happens here in this weirdly awesome and hilarious Mrs. Doubtfire rendition.

I think Robin Williams (obligatory RIP; we seriously miss you so much) would have approved.

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Image: Twentieth Century Fox