Katy Perry Shares Bikini Pic After Shaming The Australian Paparazzi on Twitter — PHOTO

Quick note to the paparazzi: You should probably stay away from Katy Perry, because she's pretty mad at you — especially those of you who have been haunting her all over the Australian beaches. On Sunday, Perry stormed Twitter against the paparazzi, who followed her during a walk on the beach and refused to leave when she asked them for privacy. Perry also posted photos of the men who demanded photos of Perry in her bikini before they'd leave her alone. And can you blame her?

And as it turns out, it's not the bikini part that Perry took issue with — just the part where these pretty intimidating strangers wouldn't treat her with any kind of human decency. Imagine that! It's a ridiculous concept, I know. And after the paparazzi ordeal was over, she returned to Twitter to share photos of her adventures down under with her friends, including a pic where she proudly dons a pretty cute lavender bikini.

I know it's crazy, but go with me on this one: No matter how famous someone might be, they generally like to be treated with kindness and respect. Go figure.