Are You Ready for 'Parenthood' to Come Back?

Television's biggest and most hectic family is coming back, you guys. The Bravermans of NBC's Parenthood are pros at making us cry and laugh on cue, but like any other family sometimes it's not the big emotional moments but just getting through one chaotic day at a time that matters. Now that we've got our first peak at an actual scene from Season 5, that's more apparent than ever.

The scene focuses on the Adam and Kristina-led branch of the family, with the couple discussing their son Max's newfound interest in photography. Last season's finale saw Hank (Ray Romano) giving girlfriend Sarah (Lauren Graham) an old camera to give to her nephew, and apparently in the time that's elapsed Max has become very taken with it, so much so that he's hanging out with Hank at his photography studio.

Adam and Kristina — the latter of whom looks healthy and beautiful with her new short hair after last season's cancer storyline — discuss these developments with Max, and it becomes clear that Max's new hobby could become invasive to the whole family.

Parenthood returns to us in all its glory Thursday, Spe. 26 at 10 p.m. on NBC. We highly advise you get your tissues ready.