'Supernatural' Season 9 Gets a Promo

On average, the most die-hard of Supernatural fans probably spend about 15 percent of their life deeply worried about the emotional well-being of Sam and Dean Winchester. Those two sure do know how to land themselves in a lot of trouble! The first trailer for Supernatural 's Season 9 proves that nothing has changed in terms of that particular habit.

"Are you trying to tell me that my brother's life is in God's hands?" Dean asks a doctor in the beginning of the trailer, understandably miffed because God has literally and figuratively not really been there much for the brothers in their past few years of struggles. Unfortunately for both of them, Death seems to be waiting for Sam — although maybe Death's barely-hidden unabashed love for Dean will save the day.

Last season's finale saw the brothers refusing (for once) to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, opening up a whole new world where the Crowley — King of Hell, played by the omnipresent Mark Sheppard — is tied up in their dungeon and all the angels have fallen from grace and are now very disgruntled mortals.

Oh, and the logo's got a new look: The colors of heaven and hell overlapped, symbolizing, well, the whole messy situation.

How will the Winchesters get out of this one? We're guessing with magic, violence, and some very manly tears.