What Were One Direction's Louis & Liam Whispering About During Their AMAs Acceptance Speech? They Had A 'Mean Girls' Moment — VIDEO

At this point, you're probably wondering how, in the wide world of music, One Direction hasn't performed at the 2014 American Music Awards yet. I mean, we've been watching since 8 p.m. and still, no 1D. Of course, One Direction has already accepted two 2014 AMA awards, but we want to hear the boys sing. And, apparently, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson are getting slightly antsy — or they just got caught talking smack about Harry Styles. During 1D's "Best Pop/Rock Album" acceptance speech for their Midnight Memories win, Liam and Louis were whispering and giggling with one another on the opposite end of the stage from Harry. WTF was that about?

First of all, you're accepting an award for "Best Pop/Rock Album," this is not the moment to be giggling and whispering to one another like you've never been to an awards show before. What the heck was so important that it couldn't wait 30 seconds until you got off the stage? I mean, I obviously have some thoughts:

"Why haven't we performed yet?"

"Who are those people (Donnie Wahlburg and Jenny McCarthy) that presented the award?"

"We're totally going to win this award again next year for FOUR."

"How weird is Harry's hat?"

"Harry should've rocked his man-bun tonight."

"Seriously, why haven't we performed yet? Taylor got to go first..."

I can't really argue with most of these — but if they're making fun of Harry's acceptance speech, I just won't stand for it. This is why Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson totally would've been Slytherins if they went to Hogwarts — #MeanGirls.

Also, did Louis steal that turtleneck from Snape?