This Dog Eating Spaghetti Is All Of Us

In this spaghetti (well, it’s kind of a stretch to call it “spaghetti” when there is clearly NO sauce on those noodles, but whatever) eating contest between a golden retriever and a German shepherd, there is no debating between who wins—the retriever takes the cake. I mean, pasta. He takes ALL of the pasta, in less than five seconds. His furry pal, however, is a much slower eater, and a messier one at that. Like a toddler, he makes sure his food is not entirely on the plate, and he basically eats noodle by noodle. Which is super cute and probably better for your digestive system anyway, so god bless this self-disciplined pooch.

Not only is this video incredibly adorable — because who doesn’t love watching dogs eating things super fast — but it also speaks so much universal truth. Like, I felt for that golden retriever right before he was released into that pile of delicious pasta. I understood his (or her) need to plow through it as quickly and ruthlessly as possible. Because carbs are infinitely amazing and wonderful, and I cannot imagine a world without them (you heard me, Gwyneth Paltrow): We eat carbs the way we fall asleep—slowly, and then all at once. Mostly the all at once part.

Image: denys_kuvaiev/Fotolia