The Look On This Dog's Face While Struggling To Reach A Tater Tot Is Heartbreaking—VIDEO

When I say "this dog reaching for a tater tot is living my struggle", I'm not being cute. I'm not using this poor pup's quest to reach for a fried potato treat as a metaphor for some non-food-related issue I'm dealing with in my real life. When I say "I am this dog", I literally mean that I deeply understand the feeling of desperately wanting a tater tot and not being able to get one. That tater tot is not symbolic. The only difference between me and this dog is that my obstacles between me and my would-be tater tots extend beyond "janky, awkwardly inefficient dog limbs". I'm usually stonewalled against tot consumption by things like being at work (which is a woefully tot-free zone most of the time), being stuck on a crowded train where not one goddamn person had the good sense to bring tater tots to share, or doing battle with myself in an attempt to not eat things that will clog my arteries and kill me. That dog's "high counter and ineffectual grasping ability" are my "internal debate about what constitutes a reasonable amount of fried food"—but our emotions, I have to assume, are entirely identical.

Side note: What kind of a wretched world do we live in that this video ends without the dog's owner setting the camera down and making this remarkably patient pet's dreams come true by giving him the damn tater tot? Did he ever get it? Does he still dream about it? How does that owner sleep at night?! PETA, come get this fool.

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Image: YouTube