In Other News: September 13, 2013

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215 years ago, a slave in Connecticut died, and his body was boiled and used as a skeletal model for his doctor employer's students. On Friday, the state finally gave him an honorary burial.

Three college friends of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, charged with hiding and destroying evidence after the Boston bombing, have pleaded not guilty in court.

The police chief who arrested George Zimmerman on suspicion of domestic violence this week said, via leaked e-mail, that Zimmerman is the next "Sandy Hook, Aurora" waiting to happen.

Meanwhile, the recently-fired medical examiner in the second-degree murder trial of Trayvon Martin has gone public with his belief that prosecutors "rigged" the case and intentionally lost. He's also preparing to launch a $100 million lawsuit.

This professor told press that "blackface" was absolutely fine, just as long as it's for charity. Um.

Wanna read the official complaints launched against Miley Cyrus' foam-finger VMA performance? Here's a taster:

You should have taken it off as soon as she starting promoting her filthy actions.She has shown what she is acting like a devil flicking that tongue as deamons do. Being a Christian Im taking a stand as these people push vulgarity and teaching women to act like trash is not going to stand for a woman being a lady would never conduct herself like that.

More here.

Here's a complete list of everyone Jay Z (no hyphen these days, guys) has ever compared himself to. Tip: Set aside some time for this one. There are 73 entries, not including rippers.

Do you miss your old Nokia brick phone? Everyone else does, too.

GQ just ran an man guide detailing how to make your future wife sign a prenup. Right...

Cher flat-out refused to be an Olympic 2014 ambassador, in protest of Russia's anti-gay policies.

This very disgruntled photographer has written a bitter editorial about how BuzzFeed steals all his stuff.

Lance Armstrong has finally given back his bronze Olympic medal... after he was stripped of it almost a year ago.

Apparently, Miss New York has labelled Miss America "fat as fuck." New Yorkers aren't known for holding back...

The CW is developing a new show about a transgender teen, and making history doing it.

This frog photobombed a NASA spacecraft launch.


Official NASA statement: "The condition of the frog is uncertain."

Here's the most beautiful proposal you'll ever see occur in Home Depot. (Maybe anywhere, but definitely Home Depot.)

And because it's Friday: We saw this and we laughed, and now you can too.