7 Outfits Inspired By Your Favorite Holiday Treats, Because There's Nothing Wrong With Dressing Like Your Starbucks Cup


One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is indulging (and sometimes overindulging) in the traditional sweet treats that come around this time of year. Baking sessions with Christmas music playing in the background are my jam, and there's nothing better on a cold day than clutching a red Starbucks cup filled with a seasonal drink.

Holiday desserts just make everything better, too. No man to bring home to my family this Christmas? That's just fine. I'll bake myself a gingerbread man. He can't offend my parents or steal too much blanket when it's chilly at night. Plus, I get to choose what he wears, so that makes the relationship go a little smoother.

My love for sugary yuletide temptations is so strong that, no joke, I've chosen outfits inspired by what I'm craving, and I've recognized cravings when I’ve noticed that what I’m wearing resembles something delicious. It's not hard — reds, greens, and rich chocolate-y hues are aplenty this time of year, both in fashion and in baked goods.

Here are 7 treat-inspired ensembles to don this holiday season, from cookies to chocolates to beverages. The best part? No need to worry about gaining any holiday weight from them — they're all zero calories. Score.

Gingerbread Man

Starbucks Peppermint Mocha

Sugar Cookie


Snowball Cookie

Fudge Truffle

Candy Cane