The Reason Why Marc Jacobs' Nail Polish Is Completely Worth the Splurge

Nail polish: It's not going directly onto your skin, like concealer, or into your mouth like lipstick, so it's easy to pick up a bottle at the drugstore without wondering much about it. But like many cheap products, some gems notwithstanding, bubbles, chips, and an all around wearing-away arrive much sooner than with the good stuff. This isn't always the case, but after giving Marc Jacobs' new nail polish a whirl, I was completely blown away and had to share the goodness.

In the pre-Fashion Week flurry of errands, home manicures, DIY facials, and outfit planning, I figured I'd want a neutral nail that would go with whatever I wore, but still be interesting. I also figured if it was nude, chips wouldn't be as noticeable halfway through the week. Fluorescent Beige was talkin' to me and it fit the bill perfectly. $18 aside, I figured it was worth a go.

Two coats later, I was about to slick on a top coat when I realized a) how completely unnecessary that would be considering the major shine the polish had on its own, and b) it was already dry.

I don't mean, oh, dry-ish, now I can gingerly text my BFF back... I mean I could have washed my hair and not messed up my handiwork.

When my Jin Soon mani took place on day two of Fashion Week, I fell in love with what was on my nails again (fickle, I know!) but considering how messy that manicure was supposed to be, it's no surprise it only took a day for chips to set in. I knew what I had to do.

After cleaning the slate, I reached for my bottle of Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Beige one more time, and within 15 minutes was walking into my next show, digging through my purse for my pen, completely and blissfully unaware of protecting my nails. What more could a girl ask from her polish?