'Breaking Bad' Supercut With Walter White Rapping Is Just as Much of a Masterpiece As It Seems — VIDEO

You’ve probably never imagined what it would be like to hear Walter White rapping, but thanks to video editing genius/best Breaking Bad fan ever, Matthijs Vlot, a Breaking Bad supercut featuring Walter White rapping has been unleased on the Internet — so you now have the chance to hear exactly how Walt would freestyle. And, let me just say now: The results are hilarious but fantastic.

When the show ended in 2013, many fans were left saddened and wondering what they’d do with their time now that the countless hours they typically dedicated to watching Breaking Bad were left wide open. Should they take up a new show? Actually do work? Watch reruns of Bryan Cranston in Malcolm in the Middle? The possibilities were scant, and it wasn’t until it was publicly announced that a Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul was in the works, that everyone had something to look forward to again.

Yet since the upcoming show featuring character Saul Goodman is slated for a 2015 release (which still feels like a lifetime from now), Vlot’s fantastic video, This Is My Product, will just have to hold us over until then. The supercut is so catchy and will probably leave most of you questioning whether or not we’ll ever have the opportunity to hear Cranston rap in real life.

...let’s just say, he could probably give Eminem a run for his money.