This Old Guy Dancing To Salt N Pepa's "Push It" Is So Amazing That, Quite Frankly, You Probably Don't Even Deserve To See It — VIDEO

Cell phone clip. Front-butt. Cargo pants. Endless self-confidence. Please prepare, ladies and gentlemen, to fall deeply, deeply in love with this magical beast of a dance floor master. In the middle of some bowling alley, casino, or Dave and Buster’s (I don’t know where exactly, but the loud, corny carpet makes me think we’re somewhere awesomely bad, and wherever this is, I want to be there, too), a guy who looks like he’s in his 60s gets down to Salt-N-Pepa’s iconic song “Push It,” and it’s simultaneously freaky and impressive. On the dance floor (although calling it such is generous), there are other old folks, a few teenagers, and some guy with bleached hair who might be Guy Fieri. But no one—not one person in this wasted world—matches up to this old guy, who might as well be one of Beyoncé’s back-up dancers. JK, he might as well BE Beyoncé.

And dude is sexin’ it up so hard, the ladies can’t resist him! As soon as a tall blonde starts grooving next to him, he whips out the serious crotch-thrusting moves. A few seconds later, he shows his lady friend just how low he can go (which, in case you were wondering, is very, very low). In all his black Velcro shoe and high-waist Dockers glory, this guy proves everyone that he’s the king of the dance floor. Here's to hoping Ellen DeGeneres takes note of his smooth dance moves and grants him fame and glory, because he surely deserves it.

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Image: YouTube