When Is 'The Originals' Midseason Premiere? Waiting For The Mikaelsons Will Feel Like An Eternity

There are a lot of things I love about the winter — the holiday season, snow, an excuse to sit on my couch and watch TV. But it's kind of difficult to sit on my couch and watch TV when NONE of my favorite shows are airing new episodes. What's the point of being snowed in without the Mikaelsons, CW? I'll tell you — there is no point because I can only watch Elf so many times before I go berserk. The CW's The Originals ' midseason finale, "A Holiday Reunion," will feature — you guessed it — a Klaus and Hayley reunion with their daughter Hope and, with everyone's favorite Original, Rebekah. And then we'll have to wait an entire month before The OriginalsSeason will return in January, which is really just cruel considering how much we've all missed Rebekah.

The CW has yet to announce the official midseason premiere date for the Vampire Diaries spin-off series. But, based on last year's return on Jan. 14, it's safe to say we're looking at a mid-January return in 2015 for the ever in-peril Mikaelson clan (as if we'd have them any other way). And, with the hybrid family reunion happening in the midseason finale on Dec. 8, The Originals clearly plans to tug at our heartstrings while it leaves us with a probably painful cliffhanger. But the cliffhanger that I won't be able to stop thinking or having nightmares about until January won't be the only reason we have for missing the Mikaelsons this winter — here are all of the reasons it'll feel like we're waiting an eternity for The Originals to return:

Hayley's General Badassery

She's the queen and you will respect her.

When Davina Makes This Face

RWF — Resting Witch Face.

Every Time Klaus Wants To Kill His Parents

#coldblooded and amazing.

But Also When He Loves Hope So Much

Klaus is just so multidimensional.

Elijah's General Perfection


And Marcel's

C'mon now.

I Guess Crazy Esther & Mikael Also

What would life be without them? They're the worst, but we'd all be so bored without them.

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