Humberto Turns Into Big Bust for Weather Fans

Hurricane Humberto ruined what could've been a big moment for weather nerds.

On Sep. 11, the former Tropical Storm was upgraded to full hurricane status just a few hours shy of becoming the latest first hurricane to form in the Atlantic Ocean, a big bummer for those in the weather community who were hoping to see history made.

Over the weekend the storm was demoted to a Tropical Storm once again. The storm is currently sitting off the coast of the Cape Verde islands and with winds of about 40 miles per hour, it's not expected to do much damage at all.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Ingrid and Tropical Depression Manuel are causing much bigger problems in Mexico. The two weather systems approached on opposite sides of the country, killing 21 people as flooding and mudslides swept through cities including Guerrero, Hidalgo and Puebla.

Ingrid is slated to hit land on Monday. In advance of the storm, Mexican officials cancelled plan Independence Day celebrations in Tampico, Madero and Altamira and more than 5,000 people in Veracruz were evacuated to high ground over the weekend.

Though Manuel weakened when it arrived in Mexico over the weekend, the National Hurricane Center is warning residents in the affected areas that the potential for flash flooding and landslides is still very real, as the country continues to be buffeted by heavy rains.