20 Tech Gifts For Dad That Will Keep Him Busy Well Into 2015

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Stuck on what gifts to get your dad this year? You're not alone. The Big Guys of the family are impressively impossible to shop for, and year after year it only gets harder to pick them up goodies they'll actually like and use.

For techie dads, the struggle is even worse. What do you get the guy who probably already has everything he wants? How do you even know what to get the guy who already knows everything that's available on the market? Easy — just one-up him at his own game. He may have GPS on his iPhone, but does he have a hands-free mount? Probably not. He may have a Read Aloud feature, but does he have a dashboard digital display? Nope!

These 20 gifts will have the techie king of the house bursting from ear-to-ear with happiness... or at the very least, it'll have him distracted enough to thwart all political conversation at the dinner table.

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