Ralph Lauren’s USB Handbag Charges Your Phone, Lights Up, And Does Basically Anything Else You Could Possibly Need

Wearable tech is officially going high fashion. Ralph Lauren is foraying into the technology industry by modifying it's classic Ricky bag by adding a couple snazzy gadgets. The iconic purse's upgrades include an LED light, so no more digging through that black hole for your car keys, and a USB port to avoid the dead phone debacle.

The bag is just one of the efforts Ralph Lauren is making to blend fashion and technology. Recently, Ralph Lauren rolled out the Polo tech shirt, which is an athletic shirt than can monitor heart rate, breathing, and even stress. (Although, I don't think I need a polo shirt to tell me when I'm stressing.) The fashion house also put on a 4-D catwalk show during New York Fashion Week, which involved giant holographic models strutting down a virtual runway in Central Park.

With the unveiling of the bag, it's clear that Ralph Lauren is moving towards new and entrepreneurial ways to make women's lives easier and more efficient, because seriously, is there anything more annoying than trying to find something in a handbag that seems more like a dark abyss or running out of juice on your phone? The purse will run you a cool five grand, but I have a feeling these inventive features would make my life a lot easier. I'm curious whether Ralph Lauren will stop at these three tech-centric moves for now or if there are more surprises in store in the near future.

The name of this gloriously simple yet surprisingly groundbreaking bag? "The Ricky Bag With Light." Well, at least the bag itself is innovative.

Image: Courtesy Ralph Lauren