Kristen Bell’s “Text Me Merry Christmas” Music Video Is Adorable, Hilarious & Full of Crazy Product Placement — VIDEO

I don't know about you, but Kristen Bell absolutely made my life complete when she released a song with Straight No Chaser called "Text Me Merry Christmas." Not because it was a great song, by any stretch of the imagination, but because imagining Princess Anna from Frozen singing to me about text messaging, emojis, and Snapchat was unbelievably hilarious. Now, the situation has gotten even more epic because Bell's "Text Me Merry Christmas" music video is here and, surprisingly, the actress herself doesn't appear in it. Oh, no, instead, she voices a doll version of herself that sings with Straight No Chaser's mini caroler avatars about hearing from her special someone this Christmas.

Of course, the music video is not without its product placement. Samsung phones, Pistachios, and Baileys all get a nod from Straight No Chaser and Bell as she floats around her stop-motion room singing. However, that doesn't take away from the festive, youthful tone of it and it definitely doesn't take away from the absolute cuteness of this entire thing. But when you combine dolls and the voice of Anna, how could it be anything but adorable? And how can I find it in my soul to complain about the mini carolers getting into a fight over a pistachio bag? I'm no Scrooge.

Check out the video below and get ready to melt into a little puddle of holiday love for Bell, Straight No Chaser, and texting. It's obviously the only way the cool people will be communicating this year.

Straight No Chaser on YouTube

Image: YouTube