Kendall Jenner's Take on '90s Grunge is So 2014 (And So, So Easy to Copy)

Say what you will about Kendall Jenner's modeling skills, but that girl can put together an outfit. Even her most casual looks make me practically sick with envy. According to Refinery29, Kendall was recently spotted wearing a '90s grunge-style outfit that managed to be so simple and so effortlessly cool at the exact same time.

The model was photographed looking stylish as she entered the restaurant Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills for lunch with her functional brother-in-law (Kourtney Kardashian's long-term boyfriend) Scott Disick. Jenner wore an oversized red flannel over a fitted Lynard Synard t-shirt, black skinnies, and Saint Laurent ankle boots. She accessorized with aviator sunglasses, a black purse, and tight bun.

This is what true rock star dressing looks like! I love that she's channeling '90s grunge while updating the silhouette for 2014. The best part? It's so, so easy to recreate. Like, you probably already have these pieces hanging in your closet. To avoid looking like a total Kurt Cobain wannabe, make like Kendall and choose skintight jeans and a slightly cropped tee.

I love when celebrities wear relatable outfits that us Normals can actually IRL without a) looking ridiculous and b) draining our bank accounts. Check out Kendall's outfit below and break out those old school band tees!

Side note: since when has Scott Disick been this attractive? I always thought he was super smarmy looking, but that facial hair? A++.