Everybody Dies on 'SoA' — At Least It Seems That Way Now That Unser Is Gone

I guess we all should have known that going into Tuesday night's episode of Sons of Anarchy , "Red Rose," there would be blood. And a lot of it. But when Unser died, suddenly, at the hands of one Jax Teller, there was no going back. This really is the end of Sons of Anarchy.

Sure, this is also the episode where Gemma died and where Juice died, shouldn't I be the least surprised by Unser (whose character was frankly rather grating by this point)? Possibly, but his death, however flippant it seemed at the moment, is actually a huge deal for the show.

Unser is shot right before Jax finally kills his mother — something I was certain he'd never actually do. The scene is brief, almost too brief. Unser tries to protect Gemma and take her to jail instead of letting Jax exact his own form of justice (hint, hint: that's why it's called "Red Rose"). Jax tells Unser to leave and when he doesn't, Jax shoots him point blank. There's a quick little fountain of blood and then just like that, Unser is dead.

It seems a little strange to kill so many main characters all at once, and it seems doubly strange to let Unser's death share some of the spotlight with someone like Gemma, but it serves a purpose.

Jax is going to die by the end of the series, or I've been watching an entirely different series for seven seasons. Killing Unser along with Gemma and Juice clears the way for the conclusion of the series to focus solely on Jackson Teller, and no one else.

And that's exactly what we're heading into next week, folks. Bring your tissues.

Image: Byron Cohen/FX