Jane Krakowski's Audition For 'Peter Pan Live!' Leaked And Jenna Maroney Would Be So Proud — VIDEO

The casting of Peter Pan Live! took place nearly a year ago, ultimately landing Allison Williams in the part of the Boy Who Never Grew Up, aka Peter Pan. The live musical traditionally casts women in the iconic role because of the high range and, I'm assuming, because the stylish bob will never go out of style. While we are all very excited to see Williams take on the role starting this Thursday, we haven't much considered which other ladies in Hollywood could have taken on the role. Actress Jane Krakowski's "audition" for Peter Pan was just leaked, for instance, demonstrating an...errrr...depth that I do wonder if Williams will be able to capture herself.

The clip of her audition, released by Funny or Die, shows that the seasoned Broadway actress was more than prepared to take on the role with some serious method acting, including and not limited to: attempting to fly harnessed to overhead lightning, portraying Peter in withdrawal of "pixie dust," and singing a version of "I Won't Grow Up" that looks like it came straight out of Cabaret (which, by the way, she also sings).

As funny as this parody audition is, the actress really does have the chops to fly on stage: Anyone who has stalked Krakowski's Broadway career as thoroughly as I have knows that for Nine she managed to hang upside down and fly up into the wings with nothing but a sheet twisted around her thighs, a stunt that she says that she only had done successfully for the second time on the first night of the performance. Basically she was defying gravity way before Elphaba hit the scene, so RESPECT.

Although Krakowski obviously lost out on this role after this horrifically amazing audition, maybe if we're lucky, they'll consider her for an understudy. But the way they're shelling out Peter Pan remakes these days, I doubt it will take too long for her interpretation of the role to hit the big screen:

Image: Vimeo