Beyonce’s Stylist Ty Hunter’s Instagram-Inspired Capsule Collection For ServedFresh Is All About Passion, Just Like Queen B Herself

I don't know about you, but I am always looking for ways to be more like Beyoncé. (I mean, who isn't?) Which is why I'm so stoked about Ty Hunter’s Instagram inspired capsule collection for ServedFresh. Because wearing something created by Beyoncé's stylist is as close as I might ever get to the queen. And I'll take it.

In a theme Queen B surely approves of, Hunter's line is called "With Passion." Several of the pieces include his signature Instagram caption: "!!!!" And with over 170,000 followers, the quadruple exclamation point is far from unknown. Hunter's Instagram feed is filled with motivating messages and powerful images, so it's only fitting that he'd base his first capsule collection on his social media platform of choice.

My favorite item is a tee with inspirational words in the shape of exclamation point on it. The Just Ty Sunrise Tee includes the words Focused, Loved, Fearless, Humble, Creative, Positive, Free, Served Fresh, and With Passion. Now those are always in style. Plus, B's right-hand man shows us how he'd style it, too. So basically, if I wear this shirt and dress it up the way he suggests, I'll basically be Beyoncé, right?

Well, close enough. You know what'd look great with these pieces? A Beyoncé-esque hair flip. Awww yeah.

Images: ServedFresh Collection; Instagram/@tytryone; Twitter/@kidfashion85