Buzzfeed's "Bloody Good Period Hacks" Video Is Extremely Useful For That Time Of the Month

It's pretty common knowledge that periods suck: bloating, cravings, cramps — it's all incredibly un-fun. But there are, fortunately, things that you can do to make your period more bearable, including these tips from the BuzzFeed video "Bloody Good Period Hacks." Because if this thing is going to show up once a month, it's good to know how to manage it.

From the time a girl has her first moon party until menopause eventually sets in, we get to deal with the monthly hassle that is our uterus ripping itself apart. Because, you know, that sounds fun. And in addition to the pain and discomfort (such as cramps and sore boobs) that comes with that, we also get all kinds of other annoying considerations, like whether or not sex is okay. Not to mention guys trying to mansplain period stuff to us since apparently men are such objective experts on everything in comparison to women folk that they even know best when it comes to biological processes that — unless the dude is a trans guy — they will never experience. Lucky dudes.

But hey, at least we live in an age where we don't have to deal with those old-fashioned sanitary belts.

But for the other issues that modern women still need to cope with during that oh-so-annoying time of month, you can take some tips from this video.

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