Moda Operandi's Holiday "Fashioneasters" Video Shows Stylish Little Ladies Talking About What They Want for Christmas

Remember that video of adorable little girls trying to pronounce designer names that I mentioned back in September? Well, Moda Operandi's "Fashioneasters" now have a holiday video that's equally as cute, if not cuter than the first installment.

In the latest video, the Fashioneasters unwrap boxes of glamorous accessories while talking to the camera, first about what they want for Christmas, then about the gifts they'd love to get for their mothers. While the fantasy items aren't exactly practical — one girl claims she's going to buy her mom a Basquiat painting while another suggests a crocodile Birkin — it's super sweet to see these young girls dreaming big. Most of the presents they want for themselves are slightly more reasonable, including "a gold iPad" and a "pink pair of cool little earrings." Excuse me, my ovaries are exploding.

I'm not all about promoting rampant materialism in children, but I was once a little girl who was obsessed with fashion and I turned out okay. There's no harm in coveting some gorgeous goods every once in awhile. The holidays are a time for everyone, young and old, to treat themselves. Check out the video below and head over to Moda Operandi to jumpstart your Christmas shopping! Don't forget to snag a little something for yourself, while you're at it.