LOFT and SRSLY Partner Up For a Series of Hilarious Videos That Describe How We Really Feel About the Holidays

Everybody knows that LOFT is the best store in the world. Oh, wait — you didn't know that? Well, it's time to get with the program because LOFT is perfect. Their pants are perfect, their jackets are perfect... even their marketing is perfect! Take these videos LOFT made in partnership with SRSLY. They flawlessly encapsulate how we really feel about the holiday season.

SRSLY is an online web series, described on the Facebook page as such: "If you like Girls but are too cheap for HBO." So, everyone under the age of like 35, right? I've never seen it, but after seeing the shorts they made in conjunction with the best brand of all time — sorry, I meant LOFT — I'm going to have to start watching. These ladies are freaking hilarious. In the LOFT holiday series they take down everything from baking gingerbread cookies to finding mapping out a plan for wooing a crush on New Year's Eve. And they do it all while wearing enviably chic outfits styled by the fashion geniuses at LOFT (have you gathered that I'm a fan??).

I've included my favorite mini movie below, although they're all worth checking out. It's called "Every Party Has a Pooper" and it's about the fantasy we all share of skipping the 500 holiday parties you've been invited to and staying home to eat candy with your loved one instead.

LOFT on YouTube

"We're going to nothing?"


Head over to LOFT's YouTube channel for the rest.