Jimmy Fallon Named 'EW's Entertainer of the Year, But These 6 Women Could've Easily Won

It's impossible to believe that December is already upon us — in fact, I might not believe it if it weren't for all the end of year lists that are popping up. Entertainment Weekly has a jumpstart, announcing on Wednesday that their choice for Entertainer of the Year is Jimmy Fallon. And that probably comes as no surprise. He's a solid choice. I love Fallon, and he definitely had a banner year: he took over over The Tonight Show and was met with wild success (he is doing a bangup job), he turned 40, he's having a baby, and he revealed that every celeb in Hollywood is his best bud and will embarrass themselves to no end on his show. I'm down to congratulate Fallon, not just because I have a schoolgirl crush on him and I love watching him Slow Jam the News. But, as always, I have to shout out to all the ladies that I think deserved consideration for Entertainer of the Year in 2014.

Credit where credit's due: I admire Fallon's humility and constant incredulousness that he is, in fact, the host of the iconic Tonight Show, which he historically brought back to its original home in New York. He says in EW, "I don't ever really know what I'm doing until we have some time off or someone asks about it. They'll say, 'You did a sketch with Carol Burnett on The Tonight Show.' And I'll be like, 'I did? That's right—I totally did that!'" Like I said, a fair choice! But here are my choices for women that coulda been contenders.

Mindy Kaling

Kaling is my top choice. She was thankfully and rightfully elected Glamour's Woman of the Year, and her achievements in 2014r have been many—she talked about anal sex on primetime TV, for god's sake. That takes moxie.

Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence is, after all, the Mockingjay. She also came out swinging and graceful and better than ever after that horrific nudes scandal.

Chelsea Peretti

Maybe to most she's a sleeper hit, but I truly think the title of her Netflix special is correct: Peretti is definitely One of the Greats. If you haven't yet seen her standup special, it's awesome, and she riffs a lot about feeling insecure (and the horrors of comment culture). She also kills it as Gina on Brooklyn Nine Nine and on Twitter, as herself.

Shonda Rhimes

Because who didn't take a magical trip to Shondaland this year? Rhimes, with her new series How to Get Away with Murder starring Viola Davis, now dominates the Thursday block (with Scandal and Grey's Anatomy, of course). She's spearheading, I think, a change in the face of primetime television, increasing visibility of characters of color. She can also give an incredibly endearing and inspiring commencement address. And let's not forget her badass response to that infamous New York Times review of HTGAWM.

Amy Poehler

For as beloved as our Leslie Knope is, I feel like she doesn't get enough Formal Credit. It's her last season on Parks and Recreation (sob) and she wrote the lauded and hilarious Yes, Please. And let's not forget the positive advice she gives to young girls in "Smart Girls at the Party," a web series.



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