11 Shocking Celebrity Achievements That Will Really Put Your Own Life in Perspective

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Especially on those days when everything seems to go wrong, the mundane struggles of existing are enough to drive you into a state of hopelessness every once in a while. At these times, it's difficult not to feel horrible about yourself and the world by proxy. Nothing good will ever happen. Might as well just give up. You'll think, "I'll never get that raise, meet someone I want to have consistent sex with who doesn't disgust me, or start a consistent vitamin regimen." These are the moments when you really need a bit of perspective. What better way to do so than to look at the seemingly impossible things that various celebrities have accomplished, endured, or had fall into their lap by magical serendipity.

'Cause if we live in a world where Russell Crowe can land singing roles in a big budget Hollywood movie musical, you can totally own that promotion that you're not sure you're ready for. If James Franco hosted the Oscars without throwing himself off of the stage to his death, you can totally get over the fear of buying your own health insurance plan. Looking at things relatively, you can think "If they can do it, so can I!"

Here are 11 seemingly impossible things that celebrities have managed to pull off to motivate you by sheer comparison. Because you're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it... people like you!

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