'OINTB' Influenced Baby Names in 2014, Which Is Proof That Netflix Is Taking Over the World

If you're anything like me, you probably already knew that it was only a matter of time until Netflix took over the world — but now, we have proof. According to BabyCenter's recent Top 100 Baby Names of 2014 list, 2014 was the year of baby names being influenced by Netflix shows like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black.

According to BabyCenter's editor-in-chief Linda Murray, this is what's appropriately known as the "Netflix effect" — the "binge-watching baby name," if you will. I mean, in a way, I guess it makes sense. Personally, I spend a good amount of my free time binge-watching shows on Netflix, and many others do as well — being influenced by something you spend a significant chunk of your time engaging in isn't out of the realm of possibility. Not to mention, people have been naming their children after their favorite characters in pop culture for decades now: In the '90s, it was Friends, and now, it's Orange Is the New Black.

So what names are on the rise? According to USA Today, they're actually surprisingly standard names:

• House of Cards character names were up since 2013: Garrett (up 16%), Claire (up 14%), Zoe (up 13%), Remy (up 11%), Frank (up 19%) and Francis (up 5%).

• Orange Is the New Black characters were up since 2013: Galina (up 67%), Nicky (up 35%), Piper (up 28%), Larry (up 28%), and Dayanara (up 19%).

While personally I don't understand anyone's desire to name their child after Larry on OINTB, I respect their dedication to the series thoroughly.

Image: Netflix