Scientists Put Lingerie On Rats To Find Out If Skimpy Skivvies Really Are Hotter — Wait, What?

Apparently, as researchers at Montreal's Concordia University recently discovered, rats really like sexy lingerie. No, no, I'm not using "rat" as an insulting nickname for a certain kind of gentleman. If the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was any indication, we already know dudes are into hot girls strutting in their panties. I'm talking actual rodents here, people. Yup, rats find their females dressed in provocative little rodent clothes to be a turn-on and researchers are making claims that this is how men react to women in lingerie. Um, why doesn't it surprise me that there's now a scientific parallel to sex-hungry rats and dudes?

Basically, the researchers over at Concordia put some lady rats in some teeny-tiny fitted jackets (ya know, to show off that bod) and then put them in the same enclosure as the male rodents. Sex ensued, dudes got laid, and then the mousy couples were promptly separated. "On to the next one!" the rats (presumably) texted to their bros.

But strangely enough, when those same male rats were introduced to females rats that weren't wearing those sexy designer jackets (seriously ladies, time to step it up...), they clearly showed a preference for the well-dressed rodents. "Just as as lingerie turns on human males, tiny jackets do the same for male rats," said one of the lead scientists on the experiment.


Images: Getty Images; maria-chera/Tumblr