Are Tea Leoni & Tim Daly Dating? Their On-Screen Chemistry Proves They’re a Great Match

Is life imitating art? It looks like Madam Secretary's Elizabeth and Henry McCord are taking their on-screen love off-screen. That's right, reportedly Téa Leoni and Tim Daly are dating. As reported by Us Weekly, a source told the website that the two have "electrifying" chemistry and each and every time they film it's "amazing." According to a witness, Leoni, 48, and Daly, 58, are also acting "couple-y," as they were recently spotted "strolling down a street" in Venice, Calif. "with their arms wrapped around each other."

Whether they are or aren't dating there is no denying the two have serious chemistry playing fictional husband and wife on CBS' political drama. You know what? Daly, who has two adult children with former wife Amy Van Nostrand of 28 years, agrees. As he told Collider, "We get along really, really well. We have a really good time. I've gotten along with plenty of people, but the chemistry sucked. And I've hated people where the chemistry is great. It's much better if you get along and the chemistry is good. That's perfect."

I'd love for this news of the two dating to be true. I adore them as Elizabeth and Henry, who have one amazing TV marriage. For one half of the couple acting as Secretary of State (Elizabeth) and the other half sometimes working for the NSA (Henry), they have one solid relationship.

Now that they are both single (Leoni was previously married to David Duchovny for 14 years) they deserve some happiness. Just look at this photo from Madam Secretary. Aren't they adorable together? They make one good-looking couple.

Images: fymadamsecretary/Tumblr