R. Kelly Releases New Single 'Genius' & Gets Us Thinking What 24 Hours With Him Would Be Like

R. Kelly released the single "Genius" off of his upcoming album Black Panties, due to drop on November 11, and SURPRISE, it's about sex. Kelly returns to the subject he knows better than perhaps anyone else on this planet with a slow jam for when the party and the after-party die down, and you take it to your room and freak somebody.

At this point, it might be safe to say that we know a lot (and maybe too much) about what happens behind Kellz' bedroom door, though it's obvious he's not shy when it comes to talking about his talents. He croons/boasts on the track that "tonight you're laying with a sex genius," and he aims to please. Is this guy a generous lover, or what.

So in case you ever wondered what it'd be like to spend 24 hours with R. Kelly, here's how it'd go down based on some of his lyrical masterpieces:

The Scene: It's a Saturday night, 10 p.m., and you're headed out to the club ... and so is Kellz. You lock eyes from across the room, where he's obviously "sipping on coke and rum" and is like "so what I'm drunk", and you're dancing with your friends when he'll come up and whisper in your ear:

Lyrics via "Slow Wind (Remix)"

So you and your friends will probably leave with him and it'll go something like this:

Lyrics via "Ignition (Remix)"

Eventually you'll get rid of your friends because whatever and head back out to the stretch Navi. You're both a little drunk and this will go down en route to Kellz' place while he sings "I'm about to take my key and stick in the ignition".

Lyrics via "Ignition (Remix)"

He will reassure you to not feel a little slutty, which is really very considerate and nice of him:

Lyrics via "Bump N' Grind"

You'll probably spend the next few hours in "space":

Lyrics via "Sex Planet"

The night will end with Kellz falling in temporarily in love with you (he's obviously leaving when the weekend ends). You'll wake up and cook him breakfast because why not, I guess. You're a fan, you know he'll like it.

(Lyrics via "Sex In The Kitchen")

The remainder of your 24 hours with R. Kelly will probably be spent in his rented apartment with glass walls and beautiful views of the city. He might try to convince you to wait for him to come back:

Lyrics via "Chocolate Factory"

See, you knew he'd love that you cooked him breakfast (he's a bit of an exaggerator). In your last few hours before he jets off to Atlanta, you'll live through the beautiful harmonies of "Genius" and revel in the fact that you spent 24 hours with Robert Sylvester Kelly while experiencing the "signs and miracles up in this room," before heading back to your normal, unsexy life.