11 Actors You Maybe Didn't Realize Were Gay

Despite our tendency to connect actors to the characters they play onscreen, the fact is, the reason they're onscreen in the first place is because they are uniquely talented at making us believe they're someone other than who they actually are. It's weird how often we forget that, but we do. For example, in a recent interview with Jennifer Lawrence, she revealed that she couldn't be less like her character Katniss from The Hunger Games (minus the part where she does know how to skin a squirrel...hmm), but it's hard not to see Lawrence on the red carpet as a self-sacrificing warrior with insane archery skills. The best actors embody their roles so completely that we don't think about their personal lives at all — which is why you might not have guessed that some actors who play straight characters on screen are actually gay.

Of course, the talents of these actors goes way beyond their abilities to play a sexuality different from their own. In fact, some of them have so far beyond the realm of typical acting jobs that they are also playing different species (shout-out to my man Zachary Quinto, aka the Spock of my Trekkie dreams). But here's a list of a few actors who you might not have guessed based on their work on screen are gay in real life:

1. Cynthia Nixon Of Sex And The City

Nixon came out as bisexual in 2012 after happily marrying her longtime girlfriend. The pair have been together since 2004.

2. Cheyenne Jackson of 30 Rock

He may have hooked up with Liz Lemon a few times before James Marsden swept her off her feet, but in real life he married longtime boyfriend this past September.

3. Sarah Paulson of American Horror Story

As a person who just started watching AHS this year, I definitely had a moment of confusion where I was like, "Huh, but what about her sister?" (The CGI in that show is like whoa). Although she says she doesn't have much time for dating these days, Paulson was in a relationship with actress Cherry Jones between 2007 and 2009.

4. Wentworth Miller of Prison Break

Miller (who also played Captain Cold on The Flash this season and was a certifiable badass) came out in 2012 with an open letter to GLAAD, and has been open about his past struggles with his sexuality for the sake of helping people who are also experiencing it.

5. Russell Tovey of Being Human

Tovey, who played a werewolf on Being Human, is openly gay and has been in a relationship with his boyfriend since 2009. Recently he has had the opportunity to play a gay character in the movie Looking.

6. Matt Bomer of White Collar

The actor has been married to partner Simon Halls since 2012, and the pair have three sons.

7. Sara Gilbert of Big Bang Theory

Although it's well-known that co-star Jim Parsons on the show is gay in real life, he isn't the only one: Gilbert also came to the realization during the filming of the long-running show that she is gay, and is now happily married to singer Linda Perry.

8. Guillermo Diaz of Scandal

Diaz has been out since he started acting, and says that he never thought too hard about being open about it because if people weren't interested in working with him because of it, he wasn't interested in them, either.

9. Maria Bello

The actress, who has a son from previous marriage with Dan McDermott, is now in a relationship with Clare Munn, and came out with an essay in the New York Times titled "Coming Out As A Modern Family."

10. Victor Garber of Titanic

OK, Garber has a theater, stage, and movie career that would make your head spin, so when I say "of Titanic" it's simply because I'm guessing that's the most-viewed thing he's ever been in. In any case, he officially came out in 2013 and revealed he has been living with his longtime partner, and was frankly surprised that people hadn't figured it out already.

11. Matt Dallas of Kyle XY

Not only does Dallas possess a belly button in real life (was I the only one who watched this show before it was unfairly canceled?!), he also has a longtime boyfriend, to whom he is now engaged.

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