Kate Middleton's Secret to Being Photogenic Involves Refusing to Make Eye Contact

The royal family has hit New York City, which means us Americans are scrutinizing their every move even more vehemently than we ever have before. I'll admit that I've never paid much attention to them before the Duchess announced her second pregnancy and revamped her personal style, but now I'm fascinated. Of special interest to me is the fact that there never seems to be a bad photograph of Kate Middleton. How does she do it??? Well, now we now!

In a recent interview with the staff of society style magazine Tatler, The Guardian discovered Middleton's secret to looking amazing in every picture — and no, it's not that flawless chestnut brown blowout, although I'm sure it helps. The answer is a lot simpler than that. Ready? Here's the insider info:

[A] Tatler editor notes that the Duchess of Cambridge is smart because she manages to avoid eye contact with cameras at all times, making it impossible for any magazine to ever run a picture of her on the cover that looks anything other than incidental. By Tatler standards, this is practically punk.

I suppose that's why she always looks like such a natural in pictures? It is much easier to take a good photo when you're not staring desperately into the camera lens with a creepy smile plastered on your face. Perhaps we should all take a page from the Duchess's book and start being all evasive and aloof once someone pulls out a camera?

WPA Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Wouldn't you kill for a Facebook profile photo that looks this good? Start averting those eyes!

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