Wendy Davis' Big Twitter Announcement

It looks like Wendy Davis is planning on running for governor, but not before she beefs up her Klout score.

Davis, the Democratic Texas state senator who shot to fame after her filibuster of an anti abortion bill, has been mulling over the possibility of a gubernatorial run for weeks. She delayed making an announcement about her decision when her father was hospitalized following surgery.

Now, it seems, she’s ready to make an announcement about her intentions with a little help from her Twitter and Facebook friends. In an email to supporters, Davis said that she would be "answering the question" of what's next for her career on October 3.

The email then went on to encourage chatter on the subject via social media sites.

"Do you have any friends or family who would like to be among the first to know?” she asked in her email, before adding, “Share this on Facebook and tweet it to your followers to let your friends know how they can sign up to receive the news early.”

According to a source close to Davis’ office, the senator is likely to take up the challenge of becoming Texas’ next governor when current Gov. Rick Perry retires at the end of his current term.

Perry’s retirement will make it an open-seat race. And Davis’ likely competition, Attorney General Greg Abbott, is well ahead of her when it comes to fundraising, having raised around $20 million already.

Davis’ star-power helped her earn around $1.2 million in the six weeks following her marathon filibuster session that lasted for more than 12 hours. Since then, Democrats have been pushing the state senator to think about running for a statewide office. If Davis were to win, she would be the first Democratic governor in the state of Texas in about two decades.