Infamous "Selfie Girl" Video Now Has Nature Documentary Narration, And It's Everything You Could Hope For — VIDEO

The internet will never forget the infamous selfie girl, the esteemed representative of the future of humanity who was filmed at a pool as she attempted to bend this way, that way, the other way, and duck-face herself into the next millennium trying to get the perfect shot. But the video, which already makes us cringe with face muscles we didn't even know existed, just got unspeakably better: someone added nature documentary narration to the selfie girl.

I am mostly a self-aware and reasonably well-functioning human person, so there are very few times in my life that I will confess that I "couldn't even," but today one of those moments has come. This narration is so spot-on hilarious that you may temporarily lose the ability to regulate your breathing. Luckily for you and all your cells that need oxygenating, the video is only a minute long.

"Self-recognition measures a special kind of intelligence — a sense of self," begins the deep-voiced man, whose audio is just retro-grainy enough that you'll be instantly thrown back to every time you ever accidentally fell asleep in biology class. "Most animals are not capable of this."

Just when you think you still can even, the cheesy inspiring soundtrack begins to swell up in the background, and despite the blatant sarcasm of this narration, you are still filled with a sense of awe as if you are watching a baby horse open its eyes for the first time. THERE'S JUST SOMETHING IN MY EYE. Nature really is beautiful: