#FirstDateSelfies Are a Thing Because the World Officially Has No Shame Left — PHOTOS

There are plenty of ways to break the ice on a first date, or at least there were before we all got so attached to our phones that we stopped being exactly sure how to interact with other humans in real life. I guess in order to remain evolutionarily relevant, first dates had to adapt with the times too (we might not know how to deal with real life interactions but dammit, we have to figure it out if we're going to keep making babies!), which is the only explanation I can think of for the #FirstDateSelfies trend hitting Instagram. It is exactly what it sounds like: Couples are immortalizing their first dates via selfies, and I have so many questions.

Like who gets to be the one who brings this up during the date? "Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I'm super desperate, selfie maybe?" Also, what if the date is super awkward and one of the parties never wants to remember it? Are you just stuck floating in the abyss of a semi-stranger's Instagram for all time? My concerns do not end there: At some point, is a prospective date going to look into someone's Instagram profile and freak out when they see 30 #FirstDateSelfies in one month? Why are people so comfortable putting so much of their lives online for everyone to see? There are some things we should want to hide because we're all kinda horrible and we just keep making it easier and easier for everyone to see that.

Most importantly, what if you're genuinely terrible at taking selfies? Right away, the other person will know that you're not dating material, because proper selfie taking has become vital to our human existence (I jest, mostly). The relationship might be over before it even begins! Maybe it's just me, but asking for a selfie on a first date seems bolder than sex on the first date. And like first date sex, first date selfies can be fun, buuuut they're not for everyone.

Images: Getty Images