These Guys Walking on an Entirely Clear Frozen Lake Is Honestly a Bit Disorienting (And Awesome) — VIDEO

At some point in our adulthood (some of us later than others), we come to accept that we are not, in fact, secret superheroes, and are unlikely to manifest any super powers that we can use to impress people at parties or use in the battle of good versus evil. It's a deeply disappointing moment in growing up. But it turns out that you don't necessarily have to give up your super power dreams just yet, at least, not if you ever get a chance like these guys who walked on ice so clear it looks like water. This group was hiking in the High Tatras Mountains in Slovakia when they encountered a frozen lake and then decided—as one does when faced with a mysterious and possibly perilous terrain—to walk on top of it.

The effect is stunning, and also kind of terrifying. I don't think I've ever seen water that clear, let alone ice. I can't even imagine how cold it must be up there for it to be so clear all the way down that they can see the rocks a few feet down as if there is nothing there at all. And what is even scarier to think about is what it must look like when the lake gets deeper—just how far down could they have seen then?

The guy filming the video seems to be struggling with his own mixture of awe and unease. I'm warning you right now that you will be entirely disoriented watching this, because it looks like he is floating in thin air. If you think you're brave enough to watch, here you go:

Tomas N on YouTube

Images: YouTube