In Other News: Alexis' Gun Carvings, Greenwashing, and Superfood Hemp Seeds

As details continue to emerge about Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis, we now have this: Strange phrases were carved on Aaron Alexis’ gun.

A new buzzword for you to know: “greenwashing.” That's what Coca-Cola’s accused of, by allegedly exaggerating the green benefits of its new packaging.

A final verdict was reached in ‘HOPE’ poster artist Shepard Fairley criminal contempt case: Not so hopeless after all, seeing as he got two years' probation.

Daniel Radcliffe is now a never-nude convert, but of course we’ve all seen that before.

The latest superfood craze is here. Mom might not approve, because it's hemp seeds.

The new app ‘Memoir’ aims to catalogue all of your memories so you’ll never forget anything, including that one time in December you went to California Pizza Kitchen.

An on-air BBC news anchor mixed up his iPad with a massive sheaf of paper, kept calm, and carried on. Because that's how they do.

And finally, here’s some inspiration for your elderly years.