Women Reading Grindr Messages Will Make Your Day

Over the past few years, online dating has become so common, with apps like Tinder or Willow making it easier than ever to find something to do on Friday night. But there's something inherently ridiculous about trying to pick up someone you've only met over text, and nothing illustrates that better than Second City's "Ladies Looking" video series showing women reading Grindr messages out loud.Using messages sent to creator Tim Paul on gay hook-up apps Grindr, Scruff, and Growlr, the women read various men's attempts at pick-up lines as dramatically as possible for the video. As you've probably experienced firsthand, online dating isn't exactly known for its suave and sophisticated approach to seduction, which means the video has absolute gems like "I think my cum would look GREAT in your goatee," or "Sir. Looking for a disciplinarian to keep me on a workout and weight loss regime."There's also an educational aspect, as if you need another reason to watch it. Watching the women struggle to try and puzzle out the meaning of "bb" or "working on my pole" is just as hilarious as listening to their deadpan dramatizations of the messages in the first place. "Bb" is bareback, by the way, but I'm still not sure whether "working on my pole" is referring to masturbating or practicing with a stripper pole in the guy's living room though. Anything is possible.This is the third video in the series, giving you a solid six minutes of material to procrastinate at work with. Check out the newest below (NSFW, obviously):