It's not even New Year's yet, but Pre-Fall collections have already started to show, so it's time to forget about this year and start thinking about next. Or something like that. Christian Dior showed it's Pre-Fall collection in Tokyo on Thursday, but the make-up might be more buzz-worthy than the clothing.

Dior Makeup's Creative Director, Peter Philips, was inspired by Kabuki (traditional Japanese dance-drama) makeup, and created a graphic look with a play on shine that echoed the clothings' silhouettes. And it is pretty darn avant-garde. "I wanted to design a makeup look that had a very strong visual impact, focusing on an 'electric' eye that was both graphic and abstract," Philips said. And abstract is certainly the understatement of the century. I can't really tell if I love it or hate it, if the models look like football players with misplaced paint, aliens, or some type of tech-age warrior princesses, but I guess we have some time to let it grow on us.

The eye is the focal point of the look, and it's meant to look just as good from afar as it does in detail. I mean, I can't say I'll be doing my eyeliner like this to go to the grocery store, but for a fashion show in Tokyo, it's pretty epic.

Images: Getty Images; Credit Dior