Everyone Be Jealous of This New Millionaire

Someone on South Carolina just got really, really lucky.

The winning Powerball ticket, worth $400 million, was purchased in the central South Carolina town of Lexington, according to officials from the South Carolina Education Lottery. The winning numbers were: 7-10-22-32-35, with the Powerball of 19.

The sole winning ticket was sold at Murphy U.S.A., making it the biggest lottery win in South Carolina history, and the fourth largest prize in the history of the game. The largest prize ever went to a Florida woman whose winning ticket earned her $590 million.

And there will be another lucky South Carolinian who gets to cash-in on last night's Powerball drawing as well. A ticket holder in Hampton won $1 million after matching the first five winning numbers. And the owner of the store where the ticket was sold will make out pretty well too — a $50,000 check is headed his way.

Once the winner claims their prize, which amounts to around $399.4 million, they can choose a direct cash option, which would put $233 million in their pocket all at once. Not too shabby.

The odds of being a single ticket winner of a pot this big? Around 1-in-175,223,510. That's why the call it gambling.