Icona Pop Did It Again

After reaching massive commercial success with their song "I Love It" earlier this year, Icona Pop isn't planning on being a one-hit wonder. Over four months after releasing the video for "I Love It," the Swedish duo has just uploaded a new music video for their song "All Night" — and, fortunately for them, it seems to be just as fun, catchy, and upbeat as the song itself.

"All Night" is the second single from the band's upcoming album This Is... Icona Pop, and, similar to "I Love It," it's a heavily electronic track that sounds like it's straight out of a club in Stockholm. With lyrics like, "We've got the keys to open paradise, yeah paradise/ it feels like...we could do this all night," the song is a major dance anthem — so you should probably get used to it, because DJs are going to be spinning this one for a while.

As for the music video, it's actually just about as fun as the song itself — taking place in what seems to be some sort of underground fashion show, it features a majorly diverse group of people strutting their stuff in front of a panel of judges, surrounded by screaming fans, while the ladies of Icona Pop perform in the background. It's worth a watch, at the very least.

You can check out the video below. Icona Pop's album, This Is... Icona Pop, is set to hit stores on Sept. 24.