What do you do when your hair is so fantastic that you just can't decide the best way to show it off on social media? Well, you post it to Instagram twice, of course. Rihanna lightened her hair, and to make sure we really got the full effect, she posted the photo twice to Instagram, with two different filters, because of course.

The singer decided to lighten her dark locks, and switch up her style, going for a more voluminous, Victoria's Secret-esque look with some pretty lustrous curled extensions. Though the filters and light might be enhancing the color a bit, it's a rich, caramel brunette with red undertones. And she looks gorgeous, as per usual. RiRi posted her new hair to Instagram with the caption "in transit," so I have a feeling this is just a passing stage before altering her color to something slightly more shock-worthy. As any girl who highlights her hair knows, you have to go lighter in stages. So what color could Rihanna be heading towards next? Blonde? Platinum? Marsala, maybe? I'm sure her Instagram will let us know which direction she heads, I'm just anxious to see how many filters will be needed to reveal the finished product.

Images: Getty Images; badgirlriri/Instagram