10 MAC Holiday Beauty Gifts Perfect For Your Friend Who Wouldn't Dream Of Using Any Other Brand

Are you a big fan of MAC? Do you happen to know one? Well, either way, you've stumbled on the short and sweet gift guide that's going to make your last-minute holiday shopping that much easier.

From cult classics (hello, Fluidline gel liner) to lesser-known staples (hello, Lustre Lipstick in Capricious), this little guide has them all. Makeup mavens, take a peek!

Viva Glam I Lipstick

Ruby Woo and Russian Red get a lot of play, but Viva Glam’s just as beautifully pigmented. It’s a deep red with just enough brown in it to give it some dimension. It’s the kind of shade that’ll make you feel like you walked right out of a magazine ad. Plus, 100 percent of profits from the Viva Glam line goes towards helping men, women, and children living with AIDS. Every single penny. Can you imagine that?

Viva Glam I Lipstick, $16, MAC

Viva Glam Rihanna Tinted Lip Glass

Now, on the opposite end of the Viva Glam spectrum, we’ve got Rihanna’s gorgeously sparkly cool mauve lip gloss. It’s not a color you’re likely to find anywhere else, what with that red-blue frost and metallic sheen. Besides, it’s one of those shades that looks so pretty in the tube that you’re almost afraid to use it.

Viva Glam Rihanna Tinted Lip Glass, $15, MAC

217 Blending Brush

If I was writing a gift guide for all of the things I personally wanted (which, let’s be real, I kind of am), this brush would top my list. It’s a multipurpose eyeshadow brush that feels like a butterfly kiss from Olivia Benson (Taylor Swift’s kitten, not the Law & Order woman). The quality’s great, it’s something you’d use daily, so why not pair it up with your favorite cult eyeshadow shade, and put a bow on it?

217 Blending Brush, $24, MAC

Prabal Gurung Lip Glass in Ultramarine

If the packaging alone wasn’t enough to sell you, MAC’s website describes Ultramarine as a “midtone dirty violet” — and I feel like we could all use a little “dirty violet” in our lives, whatever that happens to mean. All in all, he shade is unexpected, playful, innovative, and super chic.

Prabal Gurung Ultramarine Lip Glass, $30, MAC

Strobe Cream

Here’s another of MAC’s top performers: a subtly illuminizing lotion. You can use it as a highlight, or all over to get that ever-more trendy dewy complexion. Plus, it’s just got the best name ever… I might just buy it on volition of that alone.

Oh, and bonus: It also contains botanicals and antioxidants to heal and protect your skin! How’s that for a multi-use product?

Strobe Cream, $33, MAC

Lipstick in Capricious

Here’s the perfect everyday professional lipstick: It’s deep, but sheer enough that its not aging or severe. Instead, it’s something of a MLBB shade, with an extra, sultry kick. Besides, its the shade that former Evil Queen in residence Regina often frequents on Once Upon a Time. How’s that for a Christmas present? Regina Mills’ lipstick of choice?

Actually, I’m a fan of the lustre-finish lipsticks in general — the ones I’ve tried wear really well (other favorites include Syrup and Lustering). Check out the line if you’re interested!

Capricious Sheen Lipstick, $16, MAC

7 Lash

MAC is known for producing high-quality false lashes, and this set strikes the perfect balance between high-impact and fluttery. It’s one of the brand’s most popular lashes, and besides — it’s just plain pretty.

7 Lash, $17, MAC

Fluidline in Blacktrack

Here’s a cult classic for the ages. If you’re looking for an everyday staple, Blacktrack’s your girl. Long-lasting, smudge-resistant, and easy-to-work with? She’s got it all.

Fluidline in Blacktrack, $16, MAC

Custom Palette

If you’re feeling especially creative, you can always create your own eyeshadow palette: Sizes run from duo and quad all the way up to 30 (which is sure to wow your giftee, if you have the expendable income to afford the $312 price tag). You can make a palette of all your favorites, or do a color theme (MAC’s known for its bright hues), or even go the ever-popular neutrals route — it’s all up to you!

Custom Palette, $25 — $312, MAC

Artist Palettes

Luckily, if matching shades isn’t your forte, you can always pick out one of these ultra-cool, expertly-curated palettes. I’m a simple type of gal, so I especially love Suk B’s glowy neutral duo, but there are sets for all types of tastes here.

Artist Palettes, $25 — $312, MAC